Pass-Fail course information

Students may be eligible to take a class on a pass/fail basis. If you have a 6.0 or better GPA, it may benefit you to take one or two courses on the pass/fail list as pass/fail – one course your junior year and one course your senior year. When you take a course as pass/fail you will receive six weeks grades designated with a numerical grade that count for honor roll and for UIL eligibility, however on the transcript the final grade for the course will post as a P or F, and no grade points will be calculated into your GPA. Courses taken as pass/fail must be in addition to the 26 credits required for the recommended graduation program (or beyond the 22 credits for the minimum program). This means these courses cannot count as one of the courses required for graduation. Also, in order to pass/fail this course, you must have completed all the prerequisite courses leading up to this course (ie. Theatre 1 and 2, Athletics 1 and 2, Orchestra 1 and 2 etc.)

To enroll in a pass/fail course, first talk to your teacher regarding eligibility criteria, then click on the link below and fill out the google form to request the pass/fail form. Your counselor will then determine if you are eligible to pass/fail your course and if eligible, they will then email both you and your parent/guardian the signature form to pass/fail. You MUST return the signed signature form to your alpha counselor no later than 9/20/20. Please email your alpha counselor for additional clarification of the pass/fail process.

To begin the process & request that your counselor check your eligibility, click here. 

To view the list of courses that are offered pass/fail, click here. 

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