Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a schedule change?
See your Counselor at Counselor’s Corner during your lunch or make an appointment with your Counselor’s Secretary by filling out a Schedule Change Request form. Note: Course requests were required to be finalized by the last day of school. The only changes that will be made after that time are level changes (ex. K to L drops, etc.), error corrections (ex. students who are placed into a class they already have credit for, etc.), and leveling due to master schedule changes. We will not change schedules for elective changes or to accommodate teacher/lunch change requests. See the counselors page for information on course selection.

How do students sign in to Home Access Center to see their grades?
Under the Parents and Students/Academics menu, click Home Access Center. Login using your school username and password. Yes, the same one you use to login to the school computers.

How do parents sign in to Home Access Center to see student’s grades?
Under the Parents and Students/Academics menu, click Home Access Center to view your students grades and attendance online. If you haven't registered for access, the link also includes the required form. You must  return it to the school and present identification in order to receive access to your students account. Or, ask your student to provide you with their student user id and password (see above).

Where do I go to get a transcript or copies of my school records?
All Transcript and student records requests are handled by the Registrar's Office located on Main Street near the main office. Click here to view the registrar’s page.

Where do I go to withdraw from Cypress Creek High School?
All withdrawals are handled by the Registrar’s Office located on Main Street near the main office.

Where do I go to get advice about schedules, personal problems, college, trade school, or any other school related issue?
See your Counselor at Counselor’s Corner during your lunch or make an appointment with your Counselor’s Secretary in office #1040by filling out a Counselor Request form. Check out the counselor's page to find out which counselor you have. 

Where do I sign up for a VOE (Verification of Enrollment)
You sign up for a VOE in the front office.

What is the parking policy for Cypress Creek High School?
Each student vehicle must have a parking permit. See the Parking webpage for details.

What do I do if I become ill during the school day?
Get a pass from your teacher and go to the Clinic. Do not go directly to the clinic. See the clinic page for more info.

I need to take medication during the school day.  How is this handled?
The medication policy for Cy Fair ISD states that parent's must bring medication to the clinic and provide written permission with request of administration directions.  This policy, although time consuming is an effort to provide for the maximum safety of our students.  Other districts have had student deaths related to over the counter medication administration. As a result, medication administration is taken very seriously.

Teachers and staff are not allowed to give students medication except per district guidelines.  The only exception to this rule are persons who hold after school events such as trainers, band and drill team instructors  who may administer meds to a student while participating in their event.  Click here to view the clinic’s webpage.

How do I get a locker?
Lockers are assigned on an as needed basis and can be obtained in your student’s Assistant Principal’s office.

Where do I go to pay a fee or fine?
Go to the Finance Office, located on Main Street, near the Main Office.  This should be done before or after school or during lunch.   

What do I do if I need to miss school to visit a College or University?
You must obtain a College Visit Permission Form from the Attendance Office. Have your parent or guardian sign the form prior to having your assistant principal signing it. Turn in the form with the stamp from the college or university to the attendance office upon your return to school. See the Attendance Office webpage for more information. 

What do I do if I need to leave school early?
Go to the Attendance Office before school with a note from home that has a phone number where a parent or guardian can be reached for verification.

What do I do when I return to school from an absence?
Bring a note from your doctor or your parent/guardian to the Attendance Office within 3 days of the absence.

How do I find out what bus I take?

On the District links, under Transportation, select Which Bus Do I Ride? Enter your address, then click search to find your school and bus information.

What do I do if I want to ride a different bus home to a friend's house?
Students are not allowed to ride a bus other than the one that they have been assigned to.

What do I have to do to ride the Late Bus?
You will need to have a pass from your teacher, club sponsor, or coach.  You then will have 5 minutes to report to the Small Commons, sign-in, and wait to be given a pass. The buses leave promptly at 4:30. You must pick up your pass by 4:15.

How do I join a club?
You may obtain a list of clubs from any Assistant Principals office or by going to the Clubs webpage. Meeting times and locations, and membership requirements, vary by club.

How do I find out about senior pictures, graduation, fundraising, prom and other Class Of 2015 information?
Check out the new Senior’s page on the Cy Creek website for all Senior announcements or see your senior class sponsor, Ms. Harrelson in room 2325.

I’ve been assigned after school detention or Saturday school and can’t make it. What do i do?
Contact your Assistant Principal immediately.

Where can I get the words for our school fight song and alma mater?
They are posted on the Athletics News webpage.

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